Are you living well?


The 21st century we live in is more materialistic, more individualistic than ever before. It requires us to stand out and be counted. We are driven to specialise so we can excel in one or a few areas. Many find success in their chosen area e.g. sportsmen are recognised for their achievement in their specific sports, musician in their chosen instruments etc. So it is not surprising all of us are stronger in some areas of life than other areas.

But living well requires us to firstly to live a balanced life. Today it is easier to find a successful sportsman or entertainer with a broken family life than a balanced family person who excels in both sports and academics. The difference at the end of life is the latter have a better chance to finish his/her life well. This requires harmony within.

Secondly, our lives are not meant to be lived in isolation. The rich and famous may have many friends attracted by their money but that may push out some genuine friends. To finish well we need genuine and loyal family and friends who will encourage, coach and pace us side-by-side. Again, the humble, consistent person will have a better chance in finishing life’s race well. We should seek to support each other in community. This requires harmony without.

We have identify 7 facets of life or wellness areas which we need to strike a balance in excelling, viz. physical, mental, vocational, financial, emotional, social and spiritual aspects of life. This self-test will help you to become cognitive of where you are strong and where you need to put extra effort. We have asked for your email address so that if you want an independent assessment, we can send an analysis of your answers back to you via email. Should you prefer to remain anonymous, just do the test yourself without giving us your email address. Either way, if you note any areas you need to strengthen, do visit our website where we have help for you to improve on that particular wellness area. Thank you for taking the test.

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