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7 reasons for joining REVERSE Co-op

Whatever areas of wellness, whether you are top in an area or faring poorly in an area, you need a community of like-minded members to cheer you on in your life’s journey. A co-operative is owned by every member. Once you become a member, you are an owner of REVERSE Co-op. We respect your experience, your wishes and your individuality. We organize and offer a wide variety of activities so our members can live actively in body, mind and spirit. These activities are directed to enhancing your life :

Physical fitness
It is more fun and enjoyable even if you normally do your walking or jogging alone to have a companion to compare notes. You cannot play a game of table-tennis without a partner. Come join or help us organize other games so we can add variety to your exercise routines.
Mental stimulation
REVERSE will be organizing seminars and talks among ourselves and we would like you to share your skills and knowledge by giving us your presentation. Even if for regular ‘coffee shop’ talk-shop, we would welcome you to our group of retirees and pre-retirees who have similar life exposure and time-durations.
Vocational opportunities
REVERSE will act not just a recruitment agency or ‘head-hunter’ but actively start our own businesses to employ our members for jobs that are best suited to each of us. Because we outsourced the jobs from traditional employers or we are ourselves the employer, we can tailor the jobs to suit different time-schedules, time-durations etc. so retirees can choose their own work environment and colleagues under less stressful condition .
Financial increase
We aim to produce steady, unspectacular returns for our members that will be well above bank interests today. We also want to ensure this return covers our members in the long-term without tying your nest-eggs down in case you need your funds for some emergency purposes. We are confident we can do this as collectively we can drive a better bargain with the commercial investment industry along the same line as the insurance industry’s ‘pooled protection’ concept.
Emotional balance
The secondary objective of REVERSE Co-op is to help the less-fortunate and needy elders through our members’ service and involvement. This benefits not just the marginalized but for ourselves. It will open our eyes to the plights of the poor while making us more appreciative of our own blessings. The outward sharing with the needy will reduce our inward selfishness and put us on an ‘even-keel’ emotionally.
Social Support
Come enhance both your inward and outward emotional balance by joining a community of ‘think-young’ retirees and pre-retirees. Let’s provide support for each other in good times or bad times with the purpose of making the rest of our lives the best years in our lives.
Spiritual preparation
Come find the purpose of your life on earth by finding out what other seniors/retirees think and believe. See how others achieve peace and joy in their 2nd half of their lives. Gain mutual support in preparing living our lives to the full.